An arsonist at Croydon Crown Court booed as the judge walked into the room for a sentencing hearing. 

Malik Masnoon, 40, appeared in court by a prison video link on Monday, having previously had his sentencing adjourned after he stripped naked on camera. 

While waiting a matter of minutes for the judge to enter Masnoon said “where the f**k is the judge” and began a threatening rant about the judge.

When Judge Peter Gower then entered the court room Masnoon booed before shouting “put a dildo up your arse Mr Judge”. 

Judge Gower explained that he would not put up with that language and asked for Masnoon to be put on mute for the remainder of the hearing. 

After he was muted the defendant continued to make offensive hand gestures on camera. 

Masnoon was convicted of committing arson by setting fire to a room in supported living facility on Linden Avenue, Thornton Heath, on July 19 last year. 

The defendant has previous convictions, also for arson. 

The court had previously ordered a doctor’s report on Masnoon but it had not yet been completed, so Judge Gower adjourned the sentencing until a week's time.