A new ice cream store is offering a free scoop of ice cream to the first 50 customers and 10 per cent off everything (until April 21) – with a range of options that would make any sweet tooth drool.

Scooperb Croydon which is located at 272 London Road opens its doors to customers for the first time today (April 14) at 12pm.

Scooperb describes it as a “an aspirational brand, beautifully and innovatively designed and inspired by the beautiful flavours and aromatic spices of South Asia” relating to the founder’s childhood.

All of the ice creams are eggless, vegetarian, or vegan and the company says that they are “handcrafted, and churned with very little air, resulting in purer, more robust flavours and the creamiest textures you can find”.

You can order delicious milkshakes, waffles, crepes, mini pancakes, croffles, sorbets, sundaes, baklava, cookie dough, sizzling brownies, falooda and hot drinks.

The new store is open seven days a week - Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 10pm and Friday/Saturday 12pm to 11pm.

This is Scooperb’s seventh location opening with locations already in Alperton, Basingstoke, Hounslow, Rayner Lane, Southhampton and Watford.

Owner, Dhrusti Patel, said: "I have been living in Croydon ever since my family moved to the UK in 2004.

"I love ice cream and am fond of trying new flavours so, when a family friend mentioned the unique flavours that Scooperb has to offer, I had to try it.

“I immediately fell in love with their range of products and its taste reminded me of flavours from India. The only problem was the distance - our closest branch was over 10 miles away.

“That is when I decided that I wanted to bring Scooperb to South London and let others know about the fantastic, distinct, and tasty flavours that Scooperb has to offer.”