A major Croydon road is being divided with poles to make way for a new cycle lane.

It will give cyclists a safe route along Brighton Road into Croydon town centre.

Wands are currently being installed along the cycle lane which runs between Bartlett Street and Purley High Street.

The new measure has been welcomed by a local cycling group although questions have been asked about where it finishes.

Catherine Early from Croydon Cycling Campaign said: “On the whole, it is a good thing especially as big roads like Brighton Road can be quite intimidating.

"But it is not completely joined up to the town centre schools which is a bit odd – it ends at Bartlett street and then there is still Coombe Road that can be quite busy.”

Catherine said having wands separating the cycle lane from traffic will make it much easier for cyclists as it means drivers will not park in the lane.

She added: “The paintwork on the road was changed months ago, I am not sure why it took so long to finalise.

"Before the wands, people were just parking in the bike lane as they were before.”

The scheme is due to be completed by Monday, April 3, and includes upgraded pedestrian crossings.

The council said more parking bays and loading areas have been added close to shopping parades.

It will initially be introduced as a trial six-month consultation which will close on October 3.

While measures are being put in place, some locals have taken to social media site Next Door to complain about the bollards.

One said: “Don’t normally post on here, but the new bollards that Croydon Council has put all the way down the Brighton Road, Purley are awful. 

"It’s an eyesore, unsafe for emergency vehicles as there’s not enough room to move over, causes backlogs as you can’t get past people turning right up Whytecliffe Road South.” 

Croydon Council’s website states: “Brighton Road was originally identified by Transport for London (TfL) as a major corridor with potential to encourage more journeys to be made by bike, by making the existing cycle lanes safer.

"In 2021, the council first approved plans to introduce a trial scheme in the area.

"Following the local elections in 2022, the scheme underwent changes to improve access for local businesses.

"Works began on the new, current scheme in March 2023.”