BoxPark Croydon is showing the Love Island finale on a huge screen with a party this coming Monday.

With an evening of DJs, celebrity guests, cocktails, fans of the reality TV show will have the chance to see this year’s winning couple crowned on the big screens, surrounded by friends and soundtracked by love songs.

Boxpark’s VIP guests will be dipping into the crowd to see what viewers’ takes on this season are.

After two months of heartbreak, drama and the TV star Maya Jama’s celebrated appearances, a winter of love comes to what’s set to be an action-packed end with final dates and last goodbyes as the islanders leave the South African villa.

Doors will open at 8.45 pm with free tickets available.

Tickets start at £10 for two for a guaranteed place.

Tickets also include the ‘ON JOB’ islander-stye cocktail, packed with sweet and sour pineapple flavours and finished with a heart-shaped Haribo.