London is known for many iconic features, from the still-standing red telephone boxes, double-decker buses and of course, the London Underground.

But if there is one thing that is synonymous with the capital, it's the unforgettable black taxi cabs. 

Taxi cabs are often described as the saving grace of the capital's transport system, with reassurance that if you ever needed a ride, a cab would be just around the corner. 

Although, iconic taxi's are often dismissed for their high prices many still use this transport, but not everyone leaves a tip.

Your Local Guardian:

Should you tip your taxi driver? London’s worst tippers revealed

New research has revealed that many boroughs in the capital chose not to tip their taxi drivers.

It comes as payment app Lopay analysed over 55,000 fares that were paid to more than 2,000 taxi and minicab drivers in the capital.

Finding that only 21.31% of passengers in the wealthy area of Wandsworth tip their driver whilst Barnet was the second worst with a rating of 21.65%.

Although Wandsworth and Barnet are not the only two boroughs that saw a lack of generosity, Westminster and Greenwich are also named on the list.

The data comes as London cab drivers face a growing number of threats to their livelihood.

Transport for London’s Finance Committee recently found that the number of licensed taxis in the capital has plunged by a quarter since 2020, as the post-pandemic shift to hybrid working erodes passenger numbers.

The analysis also found that the average gratuity paid to drivers across the capital was 10% or £3.10, and that passengers are most likely to leave a tip in the evening, between 7pm and midnight.

Research also shows that late-night revellers are the least likely to leave a tip, with the worst hours for tipping recorded between midnight and 5am. 

Richard Carter, Co-founder of Lopay said: “Taxis and minicabs are part of the lifeblood of the capital, keeping Londoners and visitors alike on the move. But while London’s black cabs are global icons, earning a living behind the wheel of one is getting steadily harder.

“Tips provide a welcome boost but, as our data shows, they can’t be relied upon. That’s why taxi drivers, like all small businesses right now, need to watch every penny at the point of sale.”