Plans for a pair of Purley houses to be demolished to make way for 18 new flats have been lodged with Croydon Council.

The proposals from developer Paragon DC, include knocking down two houses in Selcroft Road and replacing them with a new four-storey building.

This would be made up of 13 two-bedroom, three one-bedroom and two two-bedroom flats.

As well as a play space and shared garden the plans include 18 car parking spaces and 40 cycle spaces.

The application comes after similar plans from the same developer were refused in May 2021 after receiving 188 objections from locals.

This was for 24 homes in a five-storey building.

The refusal was based on 11 points including that the development would result in a “poor standard” of accommodation due to a lack of sunlight and would be “unsightly” not fitting into the area.

The latest application responds to each of the refusal points.

It reads: “The new design team has taken a fresh approach to the proposals for redevelopment of the site which is based on a careful examination of local character.

“As a result of this analysis, key changes have been made to the scale, bulk, massing and overall design of the proposal.

"The revised proposal fits comfortably within its context, adopts architectural cues from the local area and is fully in accordance with all relevant design guidance.”

It adds all of the new flats would be “dual aspect” meaning there are windows on two or more walls.

The plans do not provide any affordable homes as the developer claims this wouldn’t be financially viable.

It said: “Based on current-day assumptions, the proposed development cannot viably provide any affordable housing.

"However, sensitivity testing shows that the proposed development’s viability can improve with increases to the residential values or decreases to the build costs.”

The plans also include £520,000 in contributions to the council which can be put towards facilities to support the extra people living in the community.

The plans were submitted to Croydon Council on January 18 and public consultation is open until February 16.