A brave fisherman rescued a dog that fell through the ice on the heron pond in Bushy Park yesterday (January 22).

The dog was chasing the ducks along the ice before falling into the water and ending up stuck.

Jason Biggin, 36, who lives in Twickenham, said that he heard a family in distress as they watched the dog struggle to full itself out of the water.

He told Newsquest London: “The dog was starting to go under the water and drowning so hyperthermia was kicking in.

“I didn’t see anyone thinking about going in, so I decided to do it - I have a dog myself and I love dogs.

“I had my thermal winter clothes on but fortunately I also had a pair of waders in my bag.”

He swapped his thermals for the pair of waders and made his way into the water towards the dog.

Jason also took his landing net in case it could have been of help during the rescue.

A passer-by, Claudia Syrad, caught the daring rescue on video as Jason began pulling the dog by its collar to the shore - she shouts "you are a hero!" towards the end of the clip.

Jason said: “I really felt the cold when I got in because the waders aren’t designed for temperatures like that.

“So they kept me dry but yeah the temperature in the water was around -3.”

He explained that he only went into the water because of the waders and because he an idea of the depth of the pond as he often fished in Bushy Park as a hobby.

Jason also used to work as a lifeguard in a previous job and so has experience saving others as well as plenty of knowledge about the dangers of water.

He returned the pet to the owner, who had only just realised that the dog was in the water as it had wandered quite a distance from her.

Jason suggested she returned the dog to the car as quick as possible she could to get it warm.

He added: “She was really grateful – since then she has messaged me to let me know that when she got home the dog appeared to be okay but was shivering on the journey home.”

Jason explained that he felt tingly after being in the water but started to warm back up when he put his thermals back on.

He says the community response to the rescue has been “nice” but would not encourage people to do the same as he said he would “have thought twice if he didn’t know the water depth” or if he didn’t have the equipment.

He has warned people against playing or being around ice.

He said: “Water in general as well, nobody understands how dangerous it can be even without ice so it’s not worth risking that.

“You don’t know the temperatures underneath the water or the depth.

“If things do go bad, they can be very bad.”

Last December four boys died after being pulled from a frozen lake causing a spate of warning from the emergency services.

Siblings Samuel Butler, six, and Finlay Butler, eight, died along with their cousin Thomas Stewart, 11, and Jack Johnson, 10, after they were rescued from Babbs Mill Lake in Kingshurst, Solihull, last Sunday (December 11).

Royal Parks Police said that they are also being sent photos of children on the ice and warns about the related dangers.

Jason explained he had never seen anyone walk across the ice but would warn them against it if he did.

Your Local Guardian: Jason Biggin, who works in sales, and his partner Clare McElroy, a Richmond firefighterJason Biggin, who works in sales, and his partner Clare McElroy, a Richmond firefighter (Image: Jason)

Royal Parks Police wrote on twitter: "We are aware of a dog that fell through the ice at #BushyPark today, which had to be rescued by a fisherman, as well as being sent photos of children on the ice.

"Do not let your children or dogs go onto the ice, it’s dangerous. Put dogs on a lead by the ponds."

Jason wrote in a Facebook post on Nature in Richmond Borough: “(*Please note that I fish this pond regularly, I know the exact depths/underwater features, and I had waders plus a large net at hand - DO NOT FEEL THAT YOU CAN ENTER A FROZEN LAKE/OR WATER )

“A very lucky escape for this dog today on the heron pond at Bushy Park, as it ran across the frozen lake to chase the birds and fell through the ice.

“I believe that it had 30 more seconds left in it before drowning.

“(-3 degrees - 22/01/2023)”