The pictures of two killers have been released for the first time after a 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death in his mum’s bedroom in Croydon.

Romain La Pierre, 20, has been found guilty of murder and robbery.

Jordan Tcheuko, 19, has been found guilty of manslaughter and robbery.

A 16-year-old boy has also been found guilty of robbery.

Pierre, of Celia Road in NE26, and Tcheuko, of St. Johns Road in Wembley, will be sentenced with the 16-year-old boy on December 2 at the Old Bailey.

The victim, Camron Smith, has been pictured for the first time as well.

On July 31, the trio and some associates called a mini-cab at Fieldend Road in Streatham.

When the taxi arrived, the group held a knife to the driver’s throat and robbed his phone and car.

They then travelled in convoy with two mopeds on a “hunt for rivals” – which led to a crime spree in Croydon.

The first home was no longer lived in by the person they were searching for and a woman woke up to find a masked man in her bedroom.

At the second address the group could not get in and so moved on.

At the third address in Bracken Avenue, the group kicked down the door to Camron’s home and chased him to his mother’s bedroom.

They then murdered him with knives.

Police were called to Camron’s home at 12.46am on July 1, 2021, along with paramedics.

They found 16-year-old with stab wounds and he was treated at the scene but died shortly afterwards.

After two minutes in the house, the attackers fled back to the stolen mini cab and mopeds to flee the area.

Police found DNA inside the taxi and used this evidence to link the men to all three addresses.

One man, Romario Gordon, 18, who is suspected to be involved in the stabbing has fled the country, travelling from Heathrow to Gambia on July 3, 2021.

Police have put out an international arrest warrant and police say that enquires continue to track him down and arrest him.

A 17-year-old male who charged with murder is to be put to trial at a date as he stood out due to illness.

Alison Scott, 55, of Merton, was found not guilty of assisting an offender and a 20-year-old man was also released under investigation and has since been told that no further action will be taken.

Your Local Guardian: The victim - 16-year-old Camron SmithThe victim - 16-year-old Camron Smith (Image: Met police)

Detective Sergeant Mike Seager, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “Camron was from Shrublands in Croydon and was just 16 years old when his life was so brutally ended in a frenzy of violence in his own home.

“I attended the scene and saw the injuries inflicted on Camron and they were truly dreadful. The entire investigation team knew they were dealing with vicious criminals and they were determined to bring those responsible to justice.

"Despite the complexity of the investigation, and attempts to hinder our enquiries, we have succeeded in bringing most of those involved to justice, but let me make it clear, we will not stop until we have brought to trial all those we suspect to be involved.

"As for these defendants, despite their ages, they are dangerous violent individuals who cannot be permitted to move freely within the community. I am pleased with the jury’s verdicts – I hope that Camron’s loved ones find some comfort in this outcome.”