A scissor-wielding maniac who killed a Good Samaritan by stabbing him more than 130 times as he tried to protect his elderly neighbour may be sectioned under the mental health act.

Jon Cooper Taylor, 60 of Cypress Road, South Norwood, rushed to the home of the 83-year-old woman when he heard the noise of crockery smashing from the flat above.

The self-employed IT Consultant burst in to find the distraught pensioner attempting to rid crazed Rafiq Kashmiri, 49 of Valnay Street, Tooting, from her house.

When Mr Taylor attempted to reason with the Kenyan, he pulled out a pair of scissors and inflicted more than 130 wounds on the divorced dad-of-one.

The dad-of-one died at the scene from loss of blood.

Kashmiri was due to be sentenced on Friday after admitting manslaughter due to diminished responsibility when psychiatrists found he was suffering from manic depression.

He also admitted wounding and indecently assaulting the 83-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Kashmiri was facing life imprisonment but the case was adjourned by Judge Richard Hawkins until June after new psychiatric reports questioned the Kenyan's current mental state.

The elderly woman had first met Kashmiri when he assisted her after she fell on a bus in May last year.

He helped her gather her shopping together and waited with her until an ambulance arrived.

As a thank you gesture, she invited him round for "high tea", but he unexpectedly arrived on June 23 late in the evening.

Describing the horrific attack after Kashmiri pleaded guilty to the killing, Detective Inspector Bob Webb said: "She had obviously been reluctant to allow him at that time of night and as it got later she asked him to leave.

"His behaviour had started to become a little strange and she was uncomfortable at having him there.

"But he wouldn't pick up his things and go and as she tried to make him leave a plate somehow fell off the wall and alerted Mr Taylor who lived below.

"Mr Taylor was a well liked and caring individual who took an interest in all his neighbours and he held a spare key to her flat.

"He thought there might be something wrong and let himself into the flat and told Kashmiri it was time to leave.

"Mr Taylor was very conciliatory and in no way confrontational, even sitting down in a chair.

"But suddenly Kashmiri attacked him with scissors and he suffered an excess of 130 wounds."

The woman also suffered cuts to her hands as she tried to pull Kashmiri off Mr Taylor.

During the struggle the Kenyan thumped the elderly lady in the jaw leaving her unable to speak.

Other neighbours who heard the screams of the victims called the police who arrested Kashmiri at the scene.

He claimed he was acting in self-defence after Mr Taylor attacked him for no reason.

But when the woman regained her speech she was able to tell officers the truth.

Kashmiri will be sentenced on June 20.