UFOs have been spotted circling the skies above Walton, Addlestone and Cobham, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Five sightings between 2002 and 2006 were reported to the government by worried sky watchers.

The sightings, released by the MOD for the first time, vary from bright circular objects, to oval discs with green and red flashing lights.

Some of them moved across the sky, while others are reported to "bob from side to side."

One was said to be "burning up" with a trail behind it which lasted a few seconds. Not a shooting star, they insisted, but a sign of extra terrestrial life forms.

There were three sightings in Walton between February 2002 and April 2002. Another was spotted in Addlestone on May 13, 2002.

Most, recently was a report of a UFO in Cobham on December 17, 2006.

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