A telepathic woman who claims she can communicate with animals helped rescue a dog that had been trapped for a week.

Pea Horsley, 37 from the Furzedown part of Streatham, pinpointed where missing Marmite was, armed with just a photo of the pooch.

After describing a dark cement tube with water inside it, where she believed the Jack Russell was, his owner Nikki Newcome identified a place matching that description near her home in Brownhills, in the West Midlands.

The 35-year-old, who had frantically searched for her pet for a week before she contacted Ms Horsley, found the tube and heard Marmite bark inside it. He is now home safe and well.

"I communicated with Marmite telepathically to find him, using my senses," said Ms Horsley. "I had a gut feeling he was still alive. Nikki was obviously very relieved and grateful to me."

But the psychic, who has communicated with missing, sick and dead animals in a professional capacity for the last four years, said not all cases end as happily as Marmite's.

"Most animals I've tracked down are already dead, especially when owners have left it for a while before contacting me. But it gives them closure and peace to know what's happened."

She discovered she had the talent four years ago when she went on an animal communication workshop shortly after adopting a dog from an animal rescue centre.

"At first I thought it was all a con," she said. "I didn't think anyone could do this but then after a while I found I could do it myself. I've always been close to animals."

Her skills were developed after completing a course at the College of Psychic Studies in London, case studies and workshops.

"At the beginning my friends and family were all dubious about it but they are really supportive now," added Ms Horsley.

"I'm a bit like a phone line between a guardian and their animal and I can describe how the pets are feeling. I always need black and white facts about them to use as proof I can do what I say I can.

"I think animals have feelings, thoughts and views on things just like we do - they are equal to humans," she added. "Most of my clients have cats or dogs but I can talk to any animal - from horses to gerbils to birds.

She also communicates with her own pets, a cat called Texas and Morgan, a dog. "They tell me things such as where they want to sit, where they want their bed to be and that they want tuna for dinner!

"I think everyone could communicate with animals to a degree because we are all intuitive. It's just a matter of putting your mind to it."