A man and his two brothers have jailed for life for killing his gay lover during a robbery in West Norwood.

Sri Lankan Mohamed Abdulraheem was robbed, tied up and left to suffocate in his West Norwood flat in May last year.

Mr Abdulraheem, also known as Rizmi Raheem, was discovered by friends in Sardeson House, on the Holderness estate on June 2, 2007.

The 30-year-old, who had a second home in Singleton Close, Tooting, died from respiratory failure after his ankles, legs, wrists and arms were tied up, a cloth wrapped around his mouth and nose and his face pressed down into a pillow.

Igor Irinel, 20 - also known as Cyprian Abuculesei - met Mr Raheem at the Quebec pub in Marble Arch, which is popular with the gay community, on May 30 and spent the night at his flat.

He stayed at the flat the next day and summoned his brothers Sorin Abuculesei and Savu Abuculesei to the flat where they lay in wait for Mr Raheem to return.

Irinel and Sorin Abuculesei, 32, both from Tottenham, were found guilty at the Old Bailey of murder and robbery on April 11.

The pair's brother, Savu Abuculesei, 31, also from Tottenham, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

Irinel and Sorin Abuclesei must serve 30 and 28 years respectively.

Savu Abuclesei, was ordered to serve a minimum of 23 years.