Norbury's John Gladden, notorious for his run-ins with Croydon Council, is gearing up for another spat involving a van he is refusing to move from a pub car park.

He believes his good custom at the Hare and Hound on Purley Way entitles him to leave his vehicle - adorned with giant nuts and bolts - in their car park advertising his business across the road.

The vehicle has been there for two months but after Mr Gladden ignored requests to move it, pub management are preparing to move it themselves.

But Mr Gladden, whose house in St Oswald's Road has a 15ft plastic fish on its roof, said: "It wasn't supposed to be permanent but every time the driver goes to move it he gets too drunk."

Hare and Hound manager Guy Murphy said: "It's all been good-natured up until now. He's a good customer but we want it moved."

Mr Gladden last hit the headlines when he won an out-of-court settlement from the Met Police after his giant plastic pigs - used to protest outside Brixton Police Station - were found smashed to pieces.

A council spokesman said: "The council has a legal responsibility to enforce the control of advertisement regulations which are designed to protect the visual environment.

"Each case is considered under its own merits."