Sutton Council is under intense pressure from the Taxpayers' Alliance to reverse a decision to award chief officers pay rises of up to £10,000 a year.

The group encouraged householders to lobby against "fat cat" increases after publishing all 55 councillors' telephone numbers on its website.

The campaign is being waged because of revelations last week that some salaries were soaring by 11 per cent to £105,000.

A tirade of messages followed as it emerged the new pay scheme will cost residents £384,000 over three years.

Most vented anger that the double-figure rise was announced one week after average household bills were raised by £42.

The council blamed the council tax increase on a shortage of funds.

The Taxpayers' Alliance also highlighted the ruling group's inconsistency, when the Liberal Democrats blocked similar salary awards at Conservative-run Bournemouth Council.

Tim Aker, a spokesman, told residents: "Bournemouth Lib Dems came out against the Tory package to pay councillors 17 per cent more.

"We can use this against Sutton councillors to pressure them into backing down on these outrageous pay deals for officers.

"Harlow Council backtracked, so let's lobby Sutton Council to seek taxpayer value for money and to get your money put to frontline services and not bloated salaries."

As the public outcry continued, there was evidence of more largesse. The Conservative group calculated that councillor Graham Tope claims more than £100,000 a year.

The lead member for leisure and libraries earned more than £50,000 as a London Assembly member, with another £20,000 in costs and day subsistence from the House of Lords.

His special responsibility allowance pushed his basic council pay towards £26,000. He also receives £3,760 from the Metropolitan Police Authority.

But the Tories were not entirely spendthrift. Councillor Jonathan Pritchard has listed an 0870 number, meaning Cheam ward residents are charged 7p a minute to contact their elected representative.

The council's executive member for finance, Councillor John Drage, said the decision to increase executive pay was "not an easy" one.

He said: "Criticism from the Taxpayers' Alliance is strange as their own data shows Sutton has far fewer staff earning over £50,000 than neighbouring councils."