Chuka Umunna has won the contest to succeed Keith Hill as Labour's next candidate to become Streatham's MP.

Mr Umunna, 29, is vice-chairman of Streatham Labour Party, an employment lawyer by profession and editor of online political magazine, TMP.

He said: "Streatham is my home - I grew up here - so it's a great privilege to be selected as Labour's next prospective Parliamentary candidate in this constituency.

"Labour has achieved a lot and this country is a far better place to live than it was in 1997 with unemployment in Streatham down from 10.2 per cent then, to 5.2 per cent now, but we still have lots of work to do.

"I'm very grateful to Labour Party members for selecting me to succeed Keith Hill, who has been a fantastic MP for Streatham, and I relish the prospect of getting out and about and taking our message to the community with him between now and the next general election."