A childhood friend and former work colleague of convicted killer Levi Bellfield has spoken about the "tubby kid" he used to protect from bullies but who "deserved everything he got".

Shedding light on the dark world Bellfield created for himself by the time of his arrest in 2004, his former friend, who we met and who gave his name as Paul said "Levi's enemies could be my enemies after this".

The 44-year-old said when Amélie Delagrange was murdered in August 2004 he turned on the news and immediately recognised the suspicious vehicle in CCTV images released by police hunting her killer.

"I thought, s***, I was driving that van last week, and I reported it straight away," he said.

In contrast to early memories of Levi as a "fat kid everyone used to pick on" growing up on the Oriel estate in Hanworth, when they met after losing touch for a few years, he said Bellfield had changed.

"As kids we were all big strong lads and everyone bullied Levi so I looked after him - but in the end it just backfired.

"When I bumped into him again, he was working the door at Rocky's in Cobham. He was just an idiot trying to prove himself.

"He had the gift of the gab and was always after blondes, but he bought most of them by flashing the cash.

"Sometimes he would pull up in this seven-seater van with a mattress in the back.

"Another colleague, fat Brian, would chauffeur him around and Levi would be naked in the back with a girl."

Another time Levi placed a camera in his bedroom and filmed himself, another man and a woman having sex.

"That weekend at the club (Royale Nightclub in Uxbridge where Bellfield was head doorman) he played the film on the big screen in front of everyone. The poor girl was on reception doing the tickets - she didn't know what was happening.

"He used to try to bed his mates' daughters to wind them up. Once he even tried it with my own daughter. He was texting and calling her, promising her champagne and strawberries, but I caught him out and got the phone off her."

Paul and Bellfield worked together as doormen and wheel clampers, but he said Bellfield also earned cash from drug dealing, debt collection and extortion.

If clamping victims refused to pay the £380 Bellfield charged to remove the clamp, he would often take their vehicle as payment.

Paul said he, Bellfield and "Spanish Pete" Rodriguez once carried out a debt collection of £64,000 from a man who they first sent a letter to asking how his wife was.

He helped "lucky rather than clever" Bellfield dispose of £40,000 in forged £10 notes by passing them off in places including McDonald's and Kempton Park race course.

Paul also told how Bellfield had a flat on the Oriel estate that was used for his lucrative drug dealing.

As a doorman, Paul said Bellfield was deluded by the attention he used to get from females.

"They all come up to you anyway because you're a doorman. Girls were just interested in getting in or getting their boyfriends in, but he never saw that side of it - he used to think they fancied him.

"He was the wrong sort of doorman.

"Bellfield was good at being assertive, but he would keep going and provoked more fights than he actually cured.

"Everyone else would diffuse the situation but he would kick it off and then he couldn't handle it.

"Nine times out of 10 he would leave it to us to clean up.

"We used to call him the plastic pikey' because he thought he was a bit of a gypsy. He used to hang out with them."

He added: "Bellfield was definitely unstable he would often sit in a chair rocking back and forth when nervous.

"All that stuff about him being on steroids is rubbish. He did a line of coke one night and he thought he was going to die. He couldn't take drugs, not even an asprin or cough syrup.

"For a while he was lucky because he had a few good contacts that were quite well off, but then he just started screwing them all."

He said Levi hung out with "dodgy people, up-to-date Krays, who you would definitely not mess around with. There are still a lot of people after him."

On Bellfield's double murder conviction, Paul said: "He deserved everything he got. He deceived me and he is a coward."