If you've ever thought that you seem to be getting endless cold calls or phone scams but are not sure why, we may just have the answer. 

Research from business broadband experts has revealed the London postcodes that are most affected by phone scams.

Phone scams are also known as vishing.

The experts at Bionic, analysed data from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Action Fraud to see which regions of the UK are targeted most frequently with scam calls and are cheated out of the most money as a result.

London was found to be the worst area in the whole of the UK for phone scams, being the top-most targeted region for every type of scam reported to Action Fraud & the ICO. 

See the full list and see if you happen to live in an area with one of those postcodes. 

London's most scammed postcodes

The capital also lost the most amount of money towards phone scams over the last 13 months with an estimated £151,200 lost. 

But the average cost of a phone scam in London was lower than it was in many other regions.

With the £151,200 lost over 477 separate scams meaning the average cost of one scam in London was £316, however as a whole, the UK average cost of a phone scam was £724.

London saw 4,000 reported broadband scams with calls claiming to save consumers money on their energy bills.

But the most popular scam included calls about double-glazed windows to conserve heating or about your energy supply.

The new data from Bionic reveals the exact postcodes that are most scammed in London.