The Met Office has issued an amber extreme heat warning with temperatures expected to build through the week.

From Thursday, August 11, an extreme heat warning is in place, and it will be in force until the end of Sunday (August 14).

There will be possible impacts on health, transport, and infrastructure – the Met Office says.

Today and tomorrow will see temperatures widely into the high 20s across south London, with a chance of a few spots seeing temperatures into the low 30s.

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After the driest July in England since 1935, there’s little in the way of rain in the forecast, with only the northwest of the UK likely to see any short-lived showers.

Your Local Guardian: WEATHER Heat (Infographic PA Graphics)WEATHER Heat (Infographic PA Graphics)

Here, we have the hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for today:

12pm – Sunny 23 °C

1pm - Sunny 25 °C

2pm – Sunny 27°C

3pm – Sunny 27°C

4pm – Sunny 27°C

5pm – Sunny 27°C

6pm – Sunny 26°C

7pm – Sunny 25°C

8pm – Sunny 23°C

9pm – Sunny 22°C

10pm – Clear night

21°C 11pm – Clear night 20°C

12am – Clear night 19°C

Here, we have the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow:

7am – Sunny intervals 17°C

8am – Sunny 18°C

9am – Sunny 20°C

10am – Sunny 22°C

11am – Sunny 24°C

12pm – Sunny 26°C

1pm - Sunny 27°C

2pm – Sunny 28°C

3pm – Sunny 28°C

4pm – Sunny cloudy

28°C 5pm – Sunny 28°C

6pm – Sunny 27°C

7pm – Sunny 26°C

8pm – Sunny 25°C

9pm – Clear night 23°C

10pm – Clear night 22°C

11pm – Clear night 21°C

12am – Clear night 19°C


A dry and largely sunny day after any early mist clears. Feeling warm with light winds, though eastern and particularly coastal parts feeling somewhat cooler as an onshore breeze develops into the afternoon. Maximum temperature 29 °C.


Remaining dry and largely clear overnight though some occasional patches of mist or fog likely into the early hours. Temperatures staying generally mild. Minimum temperature 14 °C.


Any early mist or fog clearing quickly to leave another warm and dry day with unbroken sunshine for many. Once again coastal areas feeling somewhat cooler with an onshore breeze. Maximum temperature 30 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

High pressure continues to bring dry settled weather through the end of the week, with increasingly warm temperatures.

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