A driver has been arrested in Croydon after police discovered stacks of cash in a car, which is believed to have been stolen.

Officers pulled over a vehicle on July 22 after becoming concerned with the way it was being driven.

After speaking to the driver, the police decided to detain the man for a search under the S23 Misuse of Drug Act.

No drugs were found but officers did discover a large amount of cash in the car.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of money laundering, theft of a motor vehicle and other driving offences.

Croydon Police tweeted: “On 22nd July 2022 PC Norry and PC Richards from Response team E have stopped a vehicle due it’s manner of driving.

“On speaking with the sole occupant of the vehicle, they were detained for a search under S23 Misuse Of Drugs Act.

“No drugs were found inside however.

“A substantial amount of cash was discovered inside and the driver was arrested on suspicion of Money Laundering, Theft Of Motor Vehicle and other driving offences.”