Three men were stabbed “multiple times” at an unlicensed party held above an Indian restaurant in Croydon, Met Police have said.

One man was stabbed seven times at Chennai Dosa in Croydon, which was renting out an upstairs room of the restaurant for a weekly event.

Croydon Council’s licensing committee heard details of a brawl where three people were allegedly stabbed at the restaurant in the early hours of July 4.

The committee watched CCTV footage of the incident, which was described by Olivia Davies, a barrister representing the police.

Ms Davies said the upstairs room of the Brighton Road restaurant was rented out for a weekly “promoted event” called Feel a Vibes Sunday.

She said organisers paid the owner Ravichandran Nattuselvam £1,000 for this and brought and sold their own alcohol.

She told the meeting on Wednesday morning: “At 2.45am [on July 4] a man stumbled into a group and an altercation breaks out with someone throwing a glass bottle.

"A few moments later a much larger fight breaks out.”

The doorman became overwhelmed as people began to arm themselves, with one man allegedly wielding “what looks like a machete”.

The fight resulted in three men being stabbed, with one victim receiving seven stab wounds to several parts of his body.

The incident is now being investigated by police.

When police officers visited the restaurant the next day, there were bottles of booze in the upstairs room and no seating.

“It was apparent the venue had been set up as a night club,” said Ms Davies.

The restaurant’s licence was suspended until a review could be carried out. Police suggested it’s hours be changed to 10am-11pm and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

It was previously allowed to open until 2.30am.

David Phillips, representing the applicant, apologised for the behaviour of partygoers before the licence was suspended.

He said the restaurant started renting out the room after losing money in the Covid pandemic.

He said: “The licencees were going through the pandemic and they thought taking money from a group of people who were not part of their community would solve their financial crisis.

"Those persons who were involved in the stabbing incident were creating a problem and inviting guests who would not respect the owners of the restaurant or residents.”

The meeting also heard from local resident Matt Bentley, who said parties with “incredibly loud music” were being held at least four times a week.

He said: "Sometimes the guests don’t leave until 4am.

"It has been a horrible experience. Every time there is a party held there I am prevented from getting to sleep.”

The committee agreed with police that the restaurant should no longer be able to open until 2.30am.

Conditions also includes that staff must receive training in the Licensing Act and conflict management.

Police said no arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.