A Croydon MP said he had to “play his part” in calling on the Prime Minister to resign.

Chris Philp told Radio 4’s Today Programme he was expecting Boris Johnson to go on Wednesday night (July 6).

The Conservative MP for Croydon South handed in his resignation from his position as minister for tech and digital economy on Thursday morning.

He was the 52nd minister to resign in less than 48 hours.

He said: “I was expecting him to go yesterday given the overwhelming weight of opinion in the parliamentary Conservative party.

"It was my birthday last night and I went out for dinner with my wife, and once we’d finished having dinner I found out he was still there and had in fact sacked Michael Gove it was clear that I had to play my own part in getting him to leave and hand in my own resignation first thing in the morning.”

The MP said that he thought Boris Johnson could be the “caretaker” Prime Minister if he steps down.

He said: “I think it would be reasonable to stay on as a caretaker prime minister while the leadership process unfolds. That’s what’s happened in the past.”

He said it was a “very difficult” decision to quit his ministerial role as he was in the middle of work including on the gambling review and online safety bill.

It has now been reported that Mr Johnson will step down although he still hasn’t made a statement.

In his resignation letter, Mr Philp said “integrity, honesty and trust” are important in politics.

He added: “Given events over the past few weeks and months I therefore think that you should resign as Prime Minister and it follows that I cannot serve in government any longer.

"I will continue to work in the national interest and for residents of Croydon South from the backbenches.”