The cost of everything from weddings to funerals and fishing to street trading is set to rise in Croydon.

An £8 million hike in fees and charges is due to be approved by the council’s cabinet at a meeting on Wednesday night.

Opposition leader Councillor Stuart King has accused Croydon’s mayor of trying to “hide the detail”.

He claims that the rise in the cost of each service has previously been laid out in council papers.

The report shows that in the 2022/23 financial year, the council plans to make £8 million more from fees and charges than it did in 2021/22.

The charges are reviewed each year to stay in line with inflation.

Registrar fees for an offsite weekday wedding will go up from £416 to £433 while the cost of a burial plot for 50 years at Greenlawns will go up from £3,680 to £3,790.

Cllr King said: “With previous charges proposed, the council has listed the current charge and the new charge.

"This year the mayor has just published the £8 million hike in council charges at a time that businesses and residents are facing a cost of living crisis.

“What’s worse is omitting the actual cost increase.

"It is every day stuff that is important to residents and the mayor has broken the tradition and isn’t showing how much each individual service is being increased by.”

Cllr King claims the Labour group raised their concerns with the paper with the council last week.

He added: “If the mayor wants to be open and transparent these would have been published in full. It suggest to me that he is trying to hide the detail.”

Since being contacted by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the Conservative administration said it will update papers set to appear in front of cabinet on Wednesday night.

Cllr Jason Cummings, cabinet member for finance, said: “‘The reviewing of fees and charges on an annual basis to take account of inflation should be a normal part of any council’s business.

"Under Labour in Croydon this system, like so many others, fell apart

“Last year was the first review of fees and charges in recent years and preparations for this years review were not started anywhere near early enough.

"A revised paper will be coming to cabinet this evening for the mayor to consider.

"The increase in charges will be in-line with the policies set last year and only seek to cover inflationary pressures.

“The increase will be nowhere near the £8m figure that some are claiming. Work has already started on next years review and going forward this will happen as a normal part of the financial business of the Council.

"We need to put the years of financial mismanagement by Labour behind us.”