Overflowing bins in a Croydon park saw dog waste left on top and rubbish strewn across the grass.

Angry locals are regularly complaining about the state of the park.

Westow Park in Crystal Palace was busy over the weekend as the warm weather attracted visitors from across South London.

Your Local Guardian: Locals regularly complain about overflowing bins in Westow Park (photo Tara O'Connor)Locals regularly complain about overflowing bins in Westow Park (photo Tara O'Connor)

But the new Lib Dem councillor for the area, Claire Bonham, said she gets at least one complaint a day about the bins.

She said: “It is mainly the bins at the top of the park that overflow.

"They do come and collect them twice a week but I just don’t think there are enough bins for the amount of people that use the park.

“It is a very well used and loved park, the residents are particularly vocal about it because they care about it so much.

"Cllr Bonham said there are also areas of the park which are fenced off but she is not sure why and trying to find answers.

As well as being a popular spot to sit close to Crystal Palace’s district centre, ‘the triangle’, there is a kids playground.

The park also serves as a cut through from the area around Upper Norwood Recreation Ground to the Triangle.

And concerns about the park being neglected by the council were raised by the Friends of Westow Park group back in May.

In a Facebook post the group wrote: “The council have neglected the park and we all need to put pressure on for regular maintenance etc.

"Westow park is an oasis for outdoor life in a very urban area and it’s very important for the well-being of the community to keep it ready for use.”

The park was originally small and bought by the council for a children’s playground but was enlarged in 1970 when the grounds of two homes were bought.

The park it more than six acres big and can be accessed from Church Road, College Green, Bedwardine Road and Westow Street.

A spokesperson for Croydon Council said: “We’ve sent crews to inspect and cleanse Westow Park on Monday; however, with more people spending time in our parks during the warmer weather we need everyone to do their bit to keep them clean and safe.

"If you’re visiting a park, please try to avoid bringing rubbish with you and, if the bins are full, take it home.

"You can report overflowing bins via the Love Clean Streets App.”