South Norwood locals don’t want to see an old brutalist library dubbed “incredibly ugly” demolished when it moves to a new location.

It is two year since a brand new library in the area was built but the service still hasn’t moved from it’s 1970s building loved by many fans of its architecture.

More than 1,700 people signed a petition to save the brutalist library last year. 

There were fears the library would never move into its new home as the building, from council-owned developer Brick by Brick was not up to scratch.

The new site in Pump House, next to Norwood Junction Station, still hasn’t opened despite signs on the window reading: “New library coming soon, delivered by Brick by Brick on behalf of Croydon Council.”

Rona Neathy has lived near the library since 2004  andsaid she liked the brutalist building.

She said: “I wouldn’t want to see it demolished, it’s history I like the building. I would like to see it remain something for the community”.

Another passer-by who only gave his name as Ray, echoed this idea.

He said: “If they do knock it down I think it is just going to be flats.

"It would be great if it was used to support any community enterprise. I know they have turned other libraries into cinemas.”

While Lernor Findlay wasn’t a fan of the building itself he thinks a youth club would be a good use for the building when the library moves out.

He said: “It is not my style but I would like to see something that services the community replace it.

“I know the library is only open a few days a week now, that is unhealthy. If they are going to open a new one I think the library hours should be extended.”

Elizabeth Ash from campaign group Save Croydon Libraries fears there could be issues with the new building and wants to see the decision examined again.

But she thought it would take a lot of money to upgrade the brutalist library to make it  fully accessible.

She said: “My concern with the new building is that it is a Brick by Brick building and the build quality of it, I did here there were leaks.

"I am hoping they will do a proper rethink, I am not convinced it was properly considered before.

"The community were taken for a sham consultation exercise.”

The building was previously described as “incredibly ugly” by one residents who actually wanted the library to stay up – despite its divisive appearance.