More than a year after shocking living conditions were exposed at a South Norwood tower block, Croydon Council is planning to hire a new contractor to carry out repairs.

A failure to fix a leak for four years led to Regina Road residents living in homes thick with black mould and sopping wet floors.

Now, the council is looking for a replacement of contractor Axis.

A contract of 10 years will cost the council nearly £200 million. 

More than 50 people, including council tenants, logged on to an online meeting on Monday night to hear the council’s plans.

An independent investigation into the Regina Road scandal found that the council’s failure to act for four years allowed a minor leak to grow into a major problem that put council tenants at risk.

Les Parry, a council tenant and member of the Housing Improvement Board, reminded councillors and council officers that it is locals who will pay for the service.

He said: “It is the people’s repair service it is the people’s money: the rent and the charges pay for that service. 

"We have experienced really bad decisions in the past by politicians that won’t be allowed this time.”

Stephen Tate, director of housing at the council, acknowledged said current repairs contractor was served notice in January this year and will be replaced in August 2023.

He told the meeting the council spends nearly £15 million a year and that over 10 years the new repairs contract, which includes gas, will be worth £198.9 million.

The final decision on the new contract will fall to Croydon’s new executive mayor, Jason Perry.

In May, he said: “Past scenes at Regina Road were wholly unacceptable.

"The treatment of our housing tenants has brought shame on the borough and today’s visit showed the scale of progress that needs to be made.

"Changing our housing services and improving stock will take time to achieve, but we must double-down on our efforts and set out clear time scales for residents.”