In less than a month another local election will take place in Croydon.

On June 30 residents in South Croydon will head to the polls to vote in one councillor.

The by-election in the ward comes after full local council elections in May.

At this election, Jason Perry was elected as a councillor for South Croydon ward.

He also won the election to become the first Executive Mayor of Croydon, which meant he could not take up the councillor position.

There are seven candidates standing to take the vacant seat on the council. The new councillor will join two Conservative politicians representing South Croydon.

Standing on June 30 are: Danielle Denton (Conservatives); Kathleen Garner (UKIP); John Jefkins (Liberal Democrats); Andrew Pelling (Independent); Mark Samuel (Independent); Ben Taylor (Labour); and Peter Underwood (Green).

There will be six polling stations open from 7am and 10pm on the day. Locals should receive their poll cards by June 6 but do not need this to vote. 

Those in the South Croydon ward who are not registered to vote have until midnight on June 14 to register.

 The deadline for applying to vote by post in this by-election is Wednesday, June 15 and all postal votes should be sent out by June 17.

Votes are set to be counted on Friday, July 1.

In May’s election, Labour lost its majority on Croydon Council. 

The Labour Party won 34 seats, while the Conservative Party won 32 seats, Liberal Democrats won one and the Green Party won two seats.

The result followed the election of the first mayor of Croydon. Conservative candidate Jason Perry won by fewer than 600 votes.

While the council went to no overall control, the new Conservative mayor will be able to make decisions.

Big matters like the council budget and local plan have to go to council and in order to stop something like this, two thirds of the council would have to oppose it.