A new map reveals the streets where thousands of homes have been built in Croydon over the past 22 years.

Open data blogger Owen Boswarva has created a map of new homes across England and Wales since 2000.

A zoom in on the borough shows that central Croydon is the area with the most new homes built in the 22 years with a total of 10,000.

The website reads: “The data was extracted from Valuation Office Agency’s administrative database on March 31, 2022 and includes property counts for 14 build periods: 2000-08 and individual years ending 2009 through 2022.”

Consultation on Croydon’s latest local plan review closed in February 2022 and will set out where another 42,000 homes should be built across the borough by 2039.

The council received more than  800 responses which are now being reviewed.

The next stage will be to send the revised local plan to be examined by the secretary of state.

This is expected to happen during or after June 2022.

Croydon’s new mayor Jason Perry said he had instructed officers to remove a planning design guide from the borough’s local plan.

After his appointment he said: “On day one in office I took action to overhaul planning policy by instructing officers to start the process of removing the planning design guide (SPD2) with immediate effect, by revisiting the borough’s Local Plan.

"This work will help us protect the character of our neighbourhoods and the beautiful green spaces we value so much.”

The number of homes in Croydon town centre is set to rise with more towers being built, particularly in the area around East Croydon Station.

Currently under construction is what will become Croydon’s tallest building which will stand at 150 metres and be made up of more than 900 new flats.

The new structure will be 15 metres taller than Croydon’s current tallest building, known as Ten Degrees, a block of more than 500 rented flats in a part 44-storey building.

The full map can be found here.