This bank holiday weekend will be special. It’s the first time in two years that many families and friends can all get together to enjoy Easter and Passover without any Covid-19 restrictions or limits on the number of people.

Even if the weather lets us down, it’s sure to be a wonderful weekend. 

But although memories of lockdown are fading, the cause of it all is still with us. Covid cases are on the rise because people are mixing and mingling again. Thankfully, the Covid vaccines are working well, which is why we can all enjoy life without restrictions now. 

Most people who have had all their vaccination doses should only experience mild symptoms if they catch Covid. But there are still lots of people who could become very unwell with it. 

If someone has a weakened immune system, because of an illness or medical treatment, or if they haven’t been vaccinated, then they are more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. Our older friends and relatives need to take extra care too, which is why the spring booster vaccination programme has started.

Your Local Guardian:

It’s possible to catch Covid and not know it because the symptoms are mild but to still be able to pass it on to other people. 

That’s why it’s important to be extra careful if we feel under the weather with a cough, runny nose or sore throat. Especially if they come with a sore head, aching muscles or upset tummy. A fever or chills should always be taken seriously.

No matter how much we’ve been looking forward to getting together this weekend, if we have any symptoms of a respiratory infection like Covid-19 and a high temperature, or do not feel well enough, we should stay at home until we are better.

When we do get together, it’s a good idea to keep up the hygiene habits that we relied on during lockdown like washing our hands or using hand sanitiser to kill germs before they can spread. 

Face masks aren’t mandatory in public spaces any longer, but a lot of people still want to wear them, especially in busy and crowded places and on public transport. Now that spring is here, meeting outside rather than indoors is a lovely option - especially when the sun shines. But if you do stay indoors, please open a window, to let fresh air in and stale air out.

If you’re due your next vaccine dose, are thinking about taking your children to be vaccinated, or have yet to start, please don’t wait any longer. Book online or visit one of the local walk-in and pop-up vaccination clinics on a day and time that suits you.

If you’re unsure or want more information about the vaccines - that’s ok. The friendly team at the St Nicholas Shopping Centre vaccination clinic are happy to answer all your questions about the vaccines and the virus, with no obligation to get the jab. You can walk in or book an appointment for a chat, either on the phone or in person.