Get ready to say hello to the heat and the sunshine and goodbye to the cold cloudy days as London welcomes a mini-heatwave. 

After weeks of surprise snow and Met Office warnings for wind, the end is near, and in perfect time for the four-day bank holiday. 

As weather forecasters predict warmer temperatures, little wind and little rain meaning you might want to swap out the roast dinner and get the BBQ ready. 

With four days of sunshine on the way and Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend seeing highs of 19C.

Your Local Guardian: Sun is on the way. (Canva)Sun is on the way. (Canva)

Although humidity might be a bit high, do not panic as there will be a very gentle breeze coming in across the southwest. 

Looking past Friday and Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Bank Holiday Monday you can stay excited as more sun is on the way. 

On Sunday there will be highs of 17C and very little chance of rain, plus it will be a long day of sunshine with the sun not setting until 8pm. 

And for the last day of the four-day weekend, you can expect to end it on a high with warm temperatures to continue and no wind.