A customer of the KFC branch in Surbiton was shocked to find her mini fillet burger was served to her in mouldy bread.

Yazmin, who wishes for her full name to be kept anonymous, went to the restaurant in Brighton Road at around 1pm on Saturday.

She ordered one mini fillet burger and one fiery small wrap - but soon after leaving the branch, she found mould on the bread of the fillet burger.

Yazmin had planned to eat the mini fillet at the time, and save the wrap for later - but was stopped in her tracks when she spotted the off-bread.

Yazmin told Your Local Guardian: "I have been to this KFC numerous times and never had a problem but I did go back immediately.

"A kind team leader apologised straight away and said I could have anything I wanted for free.

"They didn't seem surprised or even look at it.

"I had been in there five minutes before so I felt embarrassed to have to take it back - I never usually complain."

The mini fillet burger had been ordered from the £1.99 snack menu.

Yazmin added: "It was 100 per cent mould - and I just wanted people to be aware."

A KFC Spokesperson said: “Uh oh – this doesn’t look up to the Colonel’s high standards.

"We have strict quality processes in place across all our restaurants to prevent this, but it can sometimes happen with fresh ingredients.

"That being said, we never want to leave our fans disappointed, so the team did offer Yazmin a replacement meal to help make things right – the least we could do."