A domestic abuse survivor is couch surfing in Croydon after her former partner discovered her address and the council failed to rehouse her.

The 27-year-old has been unable to stay in her council property, which is also riddled with damp and mould, since October 2021, out of fear for her safety.

She carried out a domestic violence assessment as instructed by Croydon council, proving she was at high risk, which was temporarily lost as her case was passed between officers, creating further delays.

Ultimately, she was told the fact she shares mutual friends with her ex means that rehousing her would be an inappropriate solution, as they claim he could easily find out her new address.

“I think that's stupid,” she said.

“It’s not like they have taken the steps to see whether or not it actually worked.

“They’re basing that on an assumption and it's not even like it's a professional decision, because it's not based on any assessments.

“I just feel like it's ridiculous. And I'm tired. I’ve considered just giving up."

Even if the 27-year-old felt safe returning to her former address, for which she continues to pay rent, the property is barely habitable. 

Issues reported before concerns regarding her abuser emerged remain unaddressed.

A leak under the bath has spread throughout the property, while the heating and electricity have been turned off indefinitely due safety concerns.

In September 2021 she was told she would have to wait until March for repairs. 

"Because they've left it so long, the flat is literally saturated", she added.

"I had new flooring put down when I moved in.

"I was given the house as a blank canvas and did literally all the work.

"That's all ruined now, and they've told me I would have to sort it out myself."

The 27-year-old has contacted her local MP, Steve Reed, who has also raised her concerns with Croydon Council, as she continues to search for a solution.

"It's just ridiculous," she added.

"Everyone just says, 'Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.' Somebody should deal with it. You shouldn't have to go through that.

"And for someone who's gone through a traumatic experience, having to repeat the same thing over and over again is horrific."

A Croydon Council spokesperson said: “The safety of our tenants is an absolute priority, and our tenancy teams work closely with specialist domestic abuse services to support any resident who has experienced or is experiencing domestic abuse.

“Decisions about relocation will be based on an assessment to determine whether they are at risk in their current property. We cannot comment on individual cases.

“We have arranged for mould removal at this property and will visit tomorrow to assess the need for any further repairs.”