Pupils in Chingford are being trained in how to deal with conflicts to help them tackle some of the challenges of school life.

Because children often find it easier to talk to each other than with an adult, a team of students from different year groups at Chingford Foundation School has been learning techniques to help resolve conflicts.

School mental health officer Sharon Goldstone explained pupils learned how to introduce the process to both parties, establish ground rules, listen to both sides, offer a summary of what was said and a chance for everyone to voice their feelings.

The team then encourages both sides to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and ideally agree a solution.

She said the training will “provide students with leadership tools that will serve them throughout their lives."

Students including 12-year old Max Gueroult said they are already reaping the benefits. He said: “I have always tried to help people, but the training has given me a process to follow and the confidence to make a real different to others.”