Royal Mail has today said deliveries are operating "as normal" across most of the country - with the exception of 34 offices.

Two out of the 34 delivery offices hit by Covid-relation self isolation, sick absence or resourcing issues are in Croydon.

That means delivering to all addresses with mail in the area six days a week is temporarily not possible.

Royal Mail has said in these cases it will "rotate deliveries to minimise the delay to individual customers".

It apologised for the inconvenience and said targeted support is being provided to support the offices to "address their challenges" and restore service to the "high standard customers would normally receive".

The Croydon Royal Mail offices most impacted are:

  • Croydon DO (CR0 and CR9)
  • South Croydon DO (CR2)

The full Royal Mail statement said: "Deliveries are operating as normal across most of the country today.

"We aim to deliver to all addresses we have mail for, six days a week.

"In a small number of local offices this may temporarily not be possible due to local issues such as COVID-related self isolation, high levels of sick absence, resourcing, or other local factors.

"In those cases we will rotate deliveries to minimise the delay to individual customers. We also provide targeted support to those offices to address their challenges and restore our service to the high standard our customers would normally receive.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

"We will regularly update customers on the offices most impacted here."

The full list of affected offices is as follows: 

Amesbury (SP3 and SP4)

Bicester DO (OX25 to OX27)

Camberwell (SE5)

Chelmsford DO (CM1 to CM3)

Chipping Norton DO (OX7)

Cricklewood DO (NW2)

Croydon DO (CR0 and CR9)

East Dulwich DO (SE22)

Erskine DO (PA7 and PA8)

Gerrards Cross DO (SL9)

Greenwich DO (SE10)

Hanwell (W7)

Havant DO (PO9 to 10)

Hendon (NW4)

Herne Hill DO (SE24)

Holloway DO (N7)

Hornsey DO (N8)

Lancing (BN15)

Manchester South West DO (M15, M16 and M32)

Norwood DO (SE19)

Oxted DO (RH8)

Peacehaven DO (BN10)

Rottingdean DO (BN2 and BN51)

South Croydon DO (CR2)

St. Helens DO (WA9 to WA11)

Sydenham DO (SE26)

The Hyde DO (NW9)

Upper Holloway DO (N19)

Upton DO (CH30 and CH39)

Upminster DO (RM14)

Wantage DO (OX12)

Ware DO (SG9 to SG12)

West Wickham DO (BR4)

Willesden DO (NW10 and NW26)