A Madonna tribute act from Clapham has been voted out of primetime BBC1 show The One and Only.

Evelyne Brink found herself in the bottom two when she and Diana Ross tribute Siam Hurlock pulled in the least amount of public votes following the live show on Saturday.

After performing one more time to try and stay in the competition, Evelyne's fellow tribute acts voted by seven to two to send her home.

The 31-year-old, originally from Germany, lives with her partner in Clapham Common South Side.

She decided to become a tribute act after moving to New York and being told how much she resembled the singer.

In 2003, she gave her first Madonna performance in Croydon and even met the real deal when attending a film premiere and sitting four rows behind the Queen of Pop.

She was selected as the best Madonna tribute act and survived the first live show of The One and Only, presented by Graham Norton, despite being in the bottom two.

The eventual winner of the show will get a three month contract to perform on the grandest tribute stage of them all, in Las Vegas, USA.