THIS is the moving moment balloons were sent into the sky in memory of four boys who died following a tragic house fire last week.

Communities in Sutton gathered this evening (Thursday) to remember four-year-old Kyson and Bryson and three-year-old Leyton and Logan.

A mass of balloons in different colours and different shapes were let off into the night sky in a "very emotional" tribute to the boys.

Your Local Guardian: photo: Shells Agneau-Wilsonphoto: Shells Agneau-Wilson

Soft toys, teddies, scarves and flowers were also laid on the ground in their memory during the moving evening.

Your Local Guardian:

According to Suvertana Pathman, who lived "just a road away" from the boys, Collingwood Park pathway was "filled up with people" who wanted to pay their respects to the kids who lost their lives at such a young age.

Suvertana told Your Local Guardian: "It was very emotional to see the Sutton community come together and release balloons in favour of those four little boys.

Your Local Guardian: Four-year-old Kyson and Bryson and three-year-old Leyton and Logan (photo: Jason Hoath/ Facebook)Four-year-old Kyson and Bryson and three-year-old Leyton and Logan (photo: Jason Hoath/ Facebook)

"They live a road away from me and it’s unreal and deeply upsetting that this tragic incident occurred.

"May their souls rest in peace."

Another emotional attendee said he didn't "personally" know the family, but a lot of his close friends did.

He described the night as "very special for everyone to show their respect."

Your Local Guardian:

Kyson, Bryson, Leyton and Logan died following a house fire in Collingwood Road at 6.55pm last Thursday.

The first fire crews on scene were faced with an intense blaze throughout the whole of the ground floor.

The children were given immediate CPR on scene by firefighters before being taken to two south London hospitals where they tragically died.

A 27-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of child neglect and has been bailed until January.