The south west London NHS trust revealed that more than 2.5 million jabs have been delivered in south west London.

On Wednesday December 8, 2021, the NHS marked the first anniversary of the Covid-19 vaccination programme’s launch.

More than 2,147,400 south west Londoners have received their first and second dose- with more than 397,800 booster jabs already given.

Your Local Guardian:

This equates to more than 48,000 jabs given every week on average.

Croydon University Hospital started vaccinating people on December 8 last year with hospital volunteer and former butcher George Dyer.

He was believed to be the first person in London to receive a Covid-19 jab.

He has since had his second dose and booster jab.

In the year since then, jabs have been delivered at a host of locations- including mosques, music festivals, and colleges.

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Local shopping centres, sports grounds and arts venues have been transformed into vaccination centres.

Your Local Guardian:

Dr Nicola Jones, local GP and lead GP for the Covid-19 vaccination programme in south west London, said: “It’s incredible to think that since last December more than 2.5 million Covid-19 jabs have been given in south west London.

“So many people have worked so hard to make that happen.

“While it’s a moment for us all to reflect on the scale of this accomplishment, we know there is still a long way to go.

“Whether it is for your first, second, third, booster or flu vaccination, I would urge everyone to come forward and book their jab as soon as they can or visit a walk-in site when they’re eligible.

“It is never too late to get your vaccine.”

On Wednesday it was confirmed that people aged 40 and over, along with those in high-risk groups, will be able to book their Covid booster jab three months after their second dose.