A Roehampton house used for Conservative party club functions has been raided by police who found intruders using it to deal drugs.

The building in Treville Street has been leased to the local Conservative club since 1910, but stopped being used by them last year.

Wandsworth Police searched the club on November 23 and arrested five people under the Misuse of Drugs Act and Licensing Act.

They were apparently using the club as a private members' drinking club.

Sergeant Ian McKenna, licensing officer for Wandsworth Police, said: "We received information that the premises were being misused since August. We had a warrant to search the club and drugs warrants were executed at the same time. Residents came out and were clearly relieved we were doing something about it.

"The club was affiliated to the National Conservative Clubs Association but last year fell into decline. They have been informed. I think they were horrified."

Sgt McKenna's team seized items including books and receipts, and found the club was not being run according to the strict rules on its certificate.

Archie Galloway, one of the leasees of the property, said: "The lease runs out in two years anyway. It was coming to the end of a 99 year lease and was no longer being run by us.

"We are now in the process of transferring the lease back to the freeholders."

The house had been leased to him and others on the club's board of trustees by the Hansbro family.

The raid on the club follows a string of closures of pubs in the Roehampton area because of problems with crime and drugs.

Segt McKenna said: "In five years I have seen Roehampton's pubs go from five to two. It's a great shame for an area with such a large population."