Firefighters and animal charity volunteers in Croydon rescued a cat from inside the engine of a Royal Mail postal van today (Tuesday, November 23).

In a post on Tuesday evening describing the incident, the Croydon branch of London Fire Brigade (LFB) thanked those with People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) who they said had helped care for the cat and reunite it with its human.

A picture showing the cat in the arms of a firefighter, with the van that it had seemingly been stuck inside of visible in the background, accompanied the Croydon LFB Twitter post.

"Well done Blue watch Croydon for rescuing a cat who was trapped inside the engine of a Royal Mail van today.....Thank you also to @PDSA_HQ for taking the cat in to treat it and return to its owner," it read.

LFB has a special Fire Rescue Unit who work with the police, RSPCA and other specialist organisations like PDSA to rescue animals in distress.

According to the brigade's own figures, its crews were involved in 755 animal rescues last year alone, including:

  • 337 cats
  • 214 birds
  • 73 dogs
  • 61 foxes
  • 17 horses
  • 17 deer
  • 7 squirrels

"Among the more unusual animal rescue incidents of 2020 were a call to a snake in the kitchen, a hamster stuck behind a cupboard, a trapped parrot and a squirrel caught in a chimney," LFB said of its actions in this area last year.

Rather than calling 999, the brigade recommends contacting the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 for cases of animals in distress.