London's Royal Parks, who administrate green spaces including Richmond and Bushy Parks in the capital, are warning visitors after reported cases of Avian Flu in the UK.

While no recent cases have yet been detected in the spaces administered by Royal Parks so far, the authority nevertheless urged visitors to take basic safety precautions after cases of the disease, also known as Bird Flu, were recorded elsewhere in the UK in recent days.

In a statement published Monday (November 8), a spokesperson for Royal Parks said that they were "unable" to prevent birds in the parks from catching in the disease but that they would be closely monitoring the various water bodies at the parks to check for any telltale signs of infection.

"We are unable to prevent wild birds from getting the virus, but we are carrying out enhanced monitoring of our waterbodies to check for signs of illness and to ensure that any carcasses are removed immediately. To date, we have not been alerted to any nearby outbreaks of the disease, and we’ve not observed avian flu in our ornamental collections or in the wild birds that frequent the waterbodies," the spokesperson said.

The statement followed confirmation from the government that cases of the disease, which has been known to transmit to humans, were confirmed recently, prompting tightened rules and "strict biosecurity measures" on bird keepers across the country.

The government have said that the wider risk to the public was "very low", but Royal Parks urged caution this week nonetheless.

"The public can assist our efforts by not feeding or touching wildlife, and reporting any sick or dead birds seen in the Royal Parks to 0300 061 2000 or via email," they said.