A resident at apartments in Wallington has spoken out against his housing provider after reporting that lights and smoke alarms in a communal area of the building were left broken for weeks.

One tenant at apartments at Crosslands Court in central Wallington decried weeks of hassle with their housing provider Orbit Housing after devices including lights and smoke alarms reportedly stopped working recently.

Noel Mcloughlin, a resident there, told the Sutton Guardian last month (October 18) that his neighbour fell down the stairs in one of the building's communal hallways amid darkness due to the broken lights.

He added that there had been "no smart smoke alarms working for 14 days" and voiced concerns over the safety of the building for residents:

The problem started about three weeks ago. We had no lift, we had no lights, and no smoke alarms... They sent out two electricians that could not fix the lights. We have no smoke alarms working whatsoever over one side of the building. My main concern is is that it might actually catch alight, you never know," Noel said.

"The response in talking on four or five phone calls with the housing (provider) I was told when I stated that problem to them: 'I'm sorry you feel that way'. I said what would you do if there was a fire or an emergency?" He added.

"It is absolutely appalling the way they treat us tenants... They keep saying they (were) going to fix it and nothing (was) fixed. Surely that is a major problem with no light and no smoke alarms, no exit signs? There's no natural daylight in the walkway where we are over this side of the building... you have to touch the walls to try and find your front door. I just think it's really wrong. I think it's absolutely disgusting."

Orbit Housing were contacted for comment by the Sutton Guardian.

In a later update from Crosslands Court, Noel said the problem had been solved to some degree but continued to express his frustration.

It was "honestly really bad" he said. "They definitely don't listen to the tenants at all..."