Police arrested a man was found walking in public armed with a knife in Sutton in the early hours of Sunday (October 31).

In a short tweet describing the incident, a spokesperson for the Sutton branch of the Metropolitan Police said they had made the arrest on Brighton Road "in the early hours" of Sunday.

The man in question, they said, was found "wandering the streets near Brighton Road, Sutton armed with a knife..."

Police officers soon attended and promptly arrested the man, the spokesperson added: "Luckily officers soon located the male and he was arrested for having a pointed/bladed article in public."

Knife crime is one of the key security issues facing authorities and communities at present in London, with teenage deaths linked to violence a particular concern.

This year is on course for a record teenage violent death toll despite overall numbers of homicides reducing due to coronavirus lockdowns according to the PA news agency.

By mid October 2021 there were 25 teenage homicides in London, compared to previous peaks in 2017 when 27 young people died, and 2008 when 29 were killed.