A man from Carshalton has made his 100th blood donation at Croydon Plasma Donor Centre.

Tony Shaw made his 100th donation on his 64th birthday - after having started donating blood products when he was just 18 years old.

He said that "back then" he was given a pint of larger or Guinness to build him up.

Tony has donated a mix of blood and plasma over the years and was congratulated by staff on his 100th time with flowers.

He said: "I've been getting the feelgood feeling by donating since I was 18.

"I started by donating blood at Wigan Infirmary. Back then they gave a pint of larger or Guinness to build you up. Times have changed.

“I donated on my 64th birthday.

"There’s no better way to spend the morning. Who wouldn’t want to help other people by donating?”

Around 50 people donate plasma each week at the Croydon Plasma Donor Centre in Centrale Shopping Centre - but more people from Surrey and south London are needed.

Around 1,100 people from south London received medicine made from plasma last year - which boosts or stabilises the immune system of people with rare, lifethreatening diseases.

Plasma donation is new to most people and research shows only two in ten people know about it.

Tony, who trains people in how Government works, said: “Plasma donation takes longer than blood donation, about 45 minutes, but it's very relaxing.

"You'll probably find that you want to spend longer on the donation table if you have brought a good book to read.

“I’d say to other people - go for it. You're never too old to save a life.”

Christina Leaver, Manager of Croydon Plasma Donor Centre, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Mr Shaw.

“Plasma donation is safe and easy, and it doesn’t take long, but most people don’t realise how much it’s needed.

"You have the power in you to change someone’s life by making a donation.” 

To help save lives by donating plasma, call 0300 123 23 23, search ‘donate plasma’ or click here.