Residents in Coulsdon have filmed the pools of water on the roads in the area after heavy rainfall overnight caused severe flooding.

One video shows a number of drivers struggling to move through Marlpit Lane under the railway bridge due to the sheer amounts of water flooding the road.

The drivers are travelling at a slow speed to try and make their way through, or around, the water stream.

One can be seen having to reverse in the road before attempting to drive through.

Nick Philpot, who made an attempt at driving through the water at around 7am, said the situation there is only "getting worse".

He told Your Local Guardian: "It's been poor for many years, however it's getting worse due to over development in Coulsdon and the lack of infrastructure.

"The sewage system is struggling to cope with the extra pressure being put on it.

"Anytime we have heavy rain the manhole cover in the middle of the road lifts as this is the result."

The Met Office warned that flooding and disruption was likely after it issued a yellow weather warning for rain over Wednesday night and into the early hours of Thursday.

There is no more rain forecast for Coulsdon today - with sunny spells set to shine throughout the afternoon following a cloudy morning.