Sutton United's promotion to the football league last season sparked outpourings of joy from its dedicated fan base in the borough.

Yet the benefits of the team's footballing success is now extending beyond the beautiful game itself and helping schoolkids in the process.

Funding from the English Football League (EFL) Trust unlocked by United's promotion has been funnelled into a new project that sees Sutton United Youth and Community Foundation partnering with the LEO Academy Trust who manage several schools in the area.

The new 'Primary Curriculum Project' kicked off recently with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Sutton United FC for school children at LEO Academy Trust schools.

The aim, LEO said, is to give pupils the chance to engage with a wide range of football-inspired resources and lessons in the classroom including Art, PSHE, History and Maths.

With the project, Sutton United-based lessons and resources, created by LEO teachers, offer engaging ways to learn such as exclusive player interviews, football kit design, learning about the history of football and studying local geography.

"We are delighted that Sutton United will be the focal point for such important curriculum-based activities and enrichment programmes for school children across the Borough and that the Sutton United Youth and Community Foundation will be so involved in helping to facilitate the delivery of the educational sessions," Vice Chairman of Sutton United FC Adrian Barry said. "The programmes are really innovative and creative and, using the infrastructure of the Football Club as a principal source of teaching, it is a simply brilliant and fun way for children to learn. I wish this approach to teaching was around when I was at school - I might have learnt more!" He added.

The partnership itself is built on an existing relationship between LEO and Sutton United that has previously seen pupils get free match tickets, play in football tournaments and have assemblies with players.

LEO's CEO Phil Hedger: "We are very proud to be partnering with the Sutton United Youth and Community Foundation to launch the Primary Curriculum Project. Sharing the vision that sports can help children develop key life skills and raise aspirations, we have developed these resources with the Foundation to help pupils understand the impact of sports on all aspects of their life and wellbeing. We’re delighted to be working alongside our local football club to achieve these aims and provide more opportunities for our local community."

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