A video seen over 15,000 times has depicted huge queues at a petrol station in Sutton amid ongoing concerns over fuel shortages and supply problems.

In the minute-long clip, which was posted to Twitter on Tuesday evening around 8.17pm, queues of cars and buses were seen converging on the Shell garage on Cheam Road in central Sutton.

Long lines of vehicles could be seen stretching in either direction and also down St James Road, running perpendicular with the station.

The footage was shot by Will Humphreys, who could be heard describing the scene he was witnessing as "ridiculous".

Will told the Sutton Guardian:

"There had been a queue a couple of days ago but it was nothing like this!"

He added that the situation seemed to be potentially volatile with arguments breaking out among some of the motorists involved.

"After I filmed I saw a car queue jump in front of another car. A verbal fight broke out between the drivers, swearing was involved. Luckily the queue moved forward so the altercation didn’t become physical. I did also notice a driver was having a very animated conversation with one of the petrol garage attendants but I was too far away to hear what was being said," Will said.

"My initial reaction was that of surprise, I had heard so many stations had issues and that this station in particular had some queuing but 3 roads blocked with 7 buses really stunned me," he added.

The Twitter user said that he wasn't looking to apportion any blame regarding the ongoing fuel crisis.

"I know a lot of people are blaming Brexit or are blaming the media for creating a hysteria, I’m not really one to take sides. I just hope it gets sorted out soon," he said.