A man who lay in roads and claimed to be unwell has been handed a Criminal Behavioural Order (CBO) after he placed "huge demand on both police and ambulance services".

Reginald Brenton, 53, of no fixed address, was issued with the CBO following a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour and for causing obstructions to local roads when he appeared at Staines Magistrates’ Court on Friday (September 17).

"On multiple occasions Brenton has attended hospital falsely claiming to be unwell and become disruptive when asked to leave. He’s also been arrested for public nuisance offences, including repeatedly blocking roads by laying in the middle of them," a Surrey Police spokesperson said.

The force suggested his actions had cost them £28,000 and placed "huge demand" on both Surrey Police and ambulance services in the area.

Brenton is currently in prison for breaching the conditions of an interim CBO that was granted in August. Upon his release the Criminal Behaviour Order will remain in place until September 16, 2023.

The new CBO issued on Friday prevents Brenton from attending the grounds of any hospital in Surrey, except for in specific medical circumstances, and prohibits him from laying in any public highway that may cause obstructions to moving vehicles. He is also banned from calling the emergency services "unless it is a genuine emergency".

"Brenton’s actions have placed a huge demand on both police and ambulance services who’ve frequently been called to deal with Brenton obstructing local roads, costing the Force around £28,000," Surrey Police PC Cat Gates said.

"We are here to help people but we will not tolerate individuals causing harm or distress in our communities and taking our officers away from proactively dealing with other activities, such as burglary and domestic violence. By securing this Criminal Behaviour Order we have taken steps to allow us to deal with Brenton straight away, should his disruptive behaviour continue."