Students across Croydon are collecting their A-Level results today after another unprecedented year disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This year, teachers in England submitted their decisions on pupils’ grades after drawing on a range of evidence, including mock exams, coursework, and in-class assessments using questions by exam boards.

We're keeping track of schools in the borough as they announce their results. 

The Quest Academy. Selsdon, South Croydon

Your Local Guardian:

Students at The Quest Academy in Selsdon, South Croydon, have performed "exceptionally well" in their A Levels and BTECs, according to the school.

Among the best performers was Tyler Baron (pictured) who is going on to study Biological Science at Surrey University having achieved three As in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Tyler said: "This is an excellent place to be, to be honest. The teachers are friendly and really supportive. They always just helped me. Whatever you need, they’ll find a way to help." 

Whitgift School

Great to see our students collecting their A Level results today. Well done for all your hard work throughout this year and good luck for your future endeavours! #WhitgiftSixthForm #proud

Coulsdon Sixth Form College

Students at the college recorded an improved pass rate on last year, despite a disruptive 18 months of learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The school said students did well "adapting and succeeding through prolonged periods of homeschooling and not being able to see and collaborate in-person with classmates and staff". 

Of the college students hoping to go to on to further education, 77 per cent were successful in getting their first-choice university.

Standout results among an "exceptional" cohort of students included Charlotte Emerton-Rolfe, who achieved A*A*A*A, Maya Simfasanya who achieved A*AAA, Hannah Bance, who achieved A*AA and Patryk Chlopas who achieved AAA.

Odette Carew, Principal of Coulsdon Sixth Form College, said: "I am so pleased and proud to see that despite the very challenging year we’ve all experienced, with uncertainties and last-minute changes, our students have shown what great resilience they have and achieved a set of fantastic results.

"Supported by a determined, resourceful and innovative team of teachers and other staff, learning was maintained at a high standard throughout. The hard work by all means students can progress to their chosen higher education institutions, apprenticeships and employment with skills and knowledge development that cannot be questioned and that sets them up for the brightest of futures.

"Well done to the students and well done to everyone concerned!"


Croydon Metropolitan College

Your Local Guardian: Amy Das of Croydon Metropolitan CollegeAmy Das of Croydon Metropolitan College

Results described as "amazing" by the school and included the following outstanding pupils:

Inthusan Inthiran received A*A

Kardigan Suthkaran received A*AA attending Nottingham University 

Amy Das received AA attending Nottingham University

Darshana Kumar received A*AA 

Alexander Wade received A*AA attending Bath University

Kavita Malkan A*A*A will be studying Dentistry at Kings College London

Your Local Guardian: Kavita Malkan Kavita Malkan


Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Your Local Guardian: Zac Denucci Diarasouba (L) and Hamza Qureshi (R) Zac Denucci Diarasouba (L) and Hamza Qureshi (R)

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, 2021 has been a successful year for Year 13 students at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.  

One student whose performance has been exceptional is Issac Denucci Diarasouba. Zac has secured a much-coveted place at the University of Cambridge to study Computer Science. 

Another of the academy’s talented computer scientists, Hamza Quereshi, will be studying the subject at the University of Oxford. 

Katherine Cumberbatch, Executive Principal, said: "We are immensely proud of our students who had gained places such prestigious establishments. 

"They have worked so hard and had to endure such a horrendously disrupted two years of their education.

"It hasn’t just been the national school closures but the significant reduction in movement, freedom and socialising which will have impacted on them all in a variety of ways.  

"Our students have been remarkably resilient in the face of such adversity and all have risen to the challenge this year’s changes to exams has brought.

"We wish each student the very best for their next steps as they move into life beyond the academy."