A devoted father has raised thousands of pounds in a desperate bid to find a cure for his daughter's rare disorder.

Vincent Johnsson, whose daughter Hannah suffers from Rett Syndrome, has been running at least 5km a day to raise money for a charity on behalf of his daughter.

The rare condition has caused his daughter to lose almost all of her mobility, her speech and her independent skills.

And has left brave Hannah with seizures, scoliosis, a heart condition and extreme breathing irregularities.

Vincent has now completed his 500-day run and will donate money to charity Reverse Rett - which he says will help contribute to a possible cure for the condition.

Your Local Guardian: Vincent and Hannah Vincent and Hannah

The following day after his completion day ( July 16), Vincent did one more run with his family friends including 70-year-old Gill.

Speaking to Your Local Guardian, he said: “I am so grateful for the amazing support I had all along the way, but in particular in the last week.

"Colleagues, friends and family turned up, made signs, got the hashtag #5ForVincentAndHannah trending, recorded videos, donated, some came along to run my last 5ks with me, some even ran their first 5k ever on my 500th.

"I am so humbly grateful to each and everyone of them, it means so much to me and my family as well as to the wider Rett community!

"The amount raised - over £21,000 (with Gift Aid) with donations still coming in - has completely blown my mind."

Your Local Guardian:

He added: "In particular in these tough times, it has been incredible to see such generosity from friends, family members, colleagues, friends of friends, and people I have never even met.

"I wish I could hug them all and thank them in person.

"What this means to me is beyond words but the actual possibility of a cure in a not-too-distant future will hopefully be thank you enough to all who have been part of this journey and my challenge.

"They will all know they have been part of making history!

"My challenge had an end date but Hannah's challenges continue every day, without a break.

"So we are already thinking about what our next event or challenge will be and, like many other parents in our shoes, we won't stop until Rett Syndrome has been reversed.”

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