More than a dozen empty shops remain closed on Sutton High Street.

The view of boarded up or empty shop fronts has become a normal site for many businesses and residents in recent years.

Research by the Local Data Company found a net total of 4,690 high street chain store outlets permanently closed across Britain in 2020.

Over at Sutton High Street, several stores remained dormant in between bigger chains that have survived such as Poundland and Wilko.

On Wednesday (July 21), Sutton Guardian took a trip to Sutton High Street.

Your Local Guardian:

Walking from the top of the High Street, at the junction with Carshalton Road, to the other side over at Marshall Road, we counted some 14 store fronts that were either boarded up, permanently closed or lying empty behind locked glass doors.

At the top of the High Street, located next to the popular Wilko, were two industrial units which stood visibly empty next door to each other.

As we continued to walk down the high street, two more shops were seen completely boarded up with massive 'to let' signs, next to Poundland Sutton.

Your Local Guardian: @charsley_monica1@charsley_monica1

Another empty unit could be seen on the middle of the high street - with a massive sign from Vision Express to state they have moved nearer to the top of the high street - the old unit is yet to be filled.

Other derelict shops could be seen covered with scaffolding, whilst the old popular Topshop site still remains an empty unit.

Your Local Guardian:

Nearer to the end of the high street, a cluster of shops could be seen boarded up with graffiti sprayed along the store fronts.

During our walk along the high street, we spoke to several shoppers who live in the London Borough of Sutton.

"I think Sutton High Street had gone downhill since when I was younger," said Georgia.

"There used to be so much going on plenty of shops but now there is a lot of closed down empty shops. Even before the pandemic"

Your Local Guardian:

Sutton Resident Charlie said the high street was "a mess".

"There is rubbish and graffiti everywhere which would be okay if it was real art instead of peoples tags," said Charlie.

"Seeing empty shops is sad really."

Shopper Spencer said: "I like Sutton High Street. There are a few decent places to eat and a few cool independent shops.

"Bricks and Mortar is my favourite, it's where I buy most of my clothes.

"It would be nice to see some of the empty shops open again though."

Your Local Guardian:

Another man called Peter said: "The high street has needed investment for years.

"Covid has almost finished it off.

"Reduce rents and rates and invest or we will lose the lot."

Stay tuned for our next article which will look into ways to combat the empty spaces inside St Nicholas Shopping Centre.

Stores counted only include along the high street and not on nearby or adjoining roads.

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