A mother says she is on the brink of a "nervous breakdown" after catching over twenty mice in her one bedroom flat in Sutton. 

Kelly Angus, 23, of Benhill Wood Road, said her property has been riddled with mice since the day she started her tenancy on May 17. 

The mother-of-one has been battling with rodent issues, which she says has gotten so bad that her one-year-old son Tommy, picked up a viral infection after eating the mouse droppings which were discovered in his cot.

Kelly told Your Local Guardian how droppings are frequently found all around her house including in her kitchen cupboards.

Your Local Guardian: Mice droppings on floor Mice droppings on floor

She said: "Sutton Housing Partnership moved me into temporary accommodation without telling me of the damp and mouse issues.

"They are running everywhere. They have destroyed clothes, rugs, furniture, food even my son's cot.

"I am at nervous breakdown and nothing ever seems to be done, I have filled in every hole myself, I have got loads of traps, different sizes, different brands, I have got poison but nothing is stopping them and the council just don’t care."

Your Local Guardian: Kelly has been forced to spend her money on trapsKelly has been forced to spend her money on traps

She added: "I have had to take my baby to the hospital on June 17, as he managed to pick up a virus due to the rodents.

"They still don’t care. My son can’t sleep in his own bed as he gets company.

"The whole flat stinks. There are mouse droppings everywhere, they have wet all of the cupboards and all of my own furniture so it’s all falling apart.

"This is a major health issue and can be very harmful.

Your Local Guardian:

"This isn’t habitable for an adult, let alone a one-year-old."

In response, a Sutton Housing Partnership spokesperson said: “We are sorry that Ms Angus has mice at her property and are doing all we can to resolve this.

"Our pest control contractor has visited regularly since her first report and will inspect the rest of the block again this week to see if treating a wider area will help."

Your Local Guardian: Kelly sent Your Local Guardian multiple pictures of damp on her walls and ceilingKelly sent Your Local Guardian multiple pictures of damp on her walls and ceiling

They added: “We haven't had a report about damp from Ms Angus.

"The property was refurbished before being let to her but we are happy to investigate and address her concerns”.

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